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Gender: Synth-pop-rock

Origin: Mexico

Born: 2019

Current lineup:

Norberto Sequeira: Bass

Gustavo Araujo: Drums

Alejandro Girón: Guitar

Ulises Richards: Voice/Productor

PULSOS is a young project with a clear vision of the future of their career. Their path has included the participation of different musicians throughout thier journey. During the year 2019 the albums "Camaleon" and "Escorpio" were created and released, which included important songs for the band such as "En la Playa" "Embrujándome" "A Paso Lento" and "Dame Tu Calor".

Although these albums are more properly considered as compilations of singles; their varied repertoire presents as a cornerstone that helped them mature and evolve their sound with a particular and admirable speed.

With only three years of life, PULSOS has placed more than 50 songs on different music platforms,

During their first year, they had the opportunity to present their first live shows in Mexico City, where they were able to experience the warmth and great energy of the public that heard their music for the first time.

During the pandemic, the lineup had constant changes and obstacles that helped them grow professionally and learn from each stage and members.

It was precisely the absence of events and physical contact that gave PULSOS the opportunity to enter the studio again and work on what ended up being their first official album "Eterna"; which was released in April 2021 with a total of 14 songs, where the singles stand out: "Veneno" "Tocar El Sol" and "Una vida Entera".

Despite the unfavorable conditions for the industry, "Eterna" represented a big step for the band and helped them consolidate a more solid image and generate a promising expectation for their audience.

After the good reception of "Eterna", the band continued taking firm and objectively ambitious steps, which led them to make their last strategic move, which would include their current members: Norberto Sequeria (Bass) Alejandro Girón (Guitar), Gustavo Araujo (drums) and Ulises (Voice and Production)

Somewhat unexpectedly, in December 2021, PULSOS decided to release the EP entitled "Lucy Amor" which includes four songs with a pronounced touch of adventure and balance between the electric and the melodic. It is considered the prelude to a more refined sound. and as the bridge between his current repertoire and their next material.

They are currently preparing what will be their second official album, which will be titled "Modern Love", and which is described by the band itself as their best release to date.

The band has been recognized by different industry media as a great exponent of the scene and a thriving promise for Mexican music.

Their message to the public is very clear: "You make the rules."

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